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Self-picking facility - ENGLISH

Self-picking facility - ENGLISH

LAGA Självplocken Storsund, Self-picking facility

Our self-picking facility is part of LAGA Självplocken (bildelsplocken.nu).
The website LAGA Självplocken is owned and operated by Lagagruppen AB.

Regular opening hours at the self-picking facility

Monday - Thursday:  07.30 – 16.00*
Friday:  07.30 – 14.00*

Above regular opening hours apply after the season opening on May 30th until closing in October (date not set), unless otherwise stated in the deviating opening hours below.

*OBS! Closing earlier on Thursday June 23rd, open: 07.30 - 14.30.

*OBS! Closed on Friday June 24th, Midsummer Eve.


* Deviating opening hours or closed the following dates

  • 2022-06-23 (Thursday) Open 07.30 - 14.30, closes earlier due to day before midsummer.
  • 2022-06-24 (Friday) Closed, Midsummer Eve.

The dates above may be updated if new deviating opening hours arise.

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